Content Management System (CMS)

  • Cellnext Mobile Content Managed System consists of a suite of services offered on a managed basis to enable Service Providers to quickly launch compelling, high-margin content services to their subscribers. Cellnext CMS addresses all the steps in the content value chain from recruitment to settlement.
  • In addition to the above, the Cellnext CMS has a powerful feature of enabling micro WAP and Web sites within the master suite of services, each with their own set of templates for the look and feel, but maintaining a uniform flow on the user experience. The offerings within these micro sites can be customized for:
    • The mobile subscriber user profile
    • The content master category - adult, language based, gambling or any other parameter
    • The region of access
  • These then let you centrally manage each micro offering centrally to offer the best to the users and customized to their choice of views. Of utmost importance is the ability to manage these micro sites through an extremely user friendly GUI involving no software skills, but yet giving the complete power to manage the sites remotely also if desired.

Partner Relationship and Supply Chain Management

  • Content Provider - Content loading, approving and publishing across the multiple customer WAP / web / SMS services contracted through Cellnext CMS.
  • Content Verification and Certification - Centralized content handset compatibility testing and certification to address complex, quickly evolving devices
  • Content Catalogue - enabling Service Provider to organize their services into categories, houses content descriptions, pricing options, non-repudiation requirements, bundling options and revenue distribution agreements, thus providing a complete solution to content management.

Storefront and Purchase Management Services

  • Storefront Management and Merchandising - Manage the relationships between mobile content subscribers and devices
  • Promotions - New activations, new content offering, pricing specials, weekly templates
  • Theming and Bundling - Putting together themed content offerings from multiple CP’s
  • Purchase Management - Consistent customer purchase experience for all content.

Content Billing, Settlement, Reporting and Care Services

  • Billing- Provide user-authentication, authorization, and price books with customizable price plans, revenue sharing, clearing, settlement, dispute resolution, and customer self-care, revenue leakage prevention.
  • A direct interface with the Telco/Carrier billing services and generation of CDR's as per their exact needs
  • Settlement- Full reconciliation and settlement functions from user payment through content supply chain settlements
  • Reporting- Comprehensive, customizable reports for transactions, revenue, settlement and activity.
  • Technical Support and Customer Care- Provide technical support services and comprehensive CSR Support via tools and help desk with 24/7 availability