Email Marketing Services

Cellnext wishes to offer Email Marketing Service to it's clients thus enabling them to reach out to their existing/prospective customer base through Mass Mail campaigns:

  • Simple interface for Campaign Management
  • No Spam!
  • Best Open rate in the market!
  • World Class Reporting module

Cellnext ’s Email Marketing platform gives you an unprecedented ability to create, manage and automate large‐scale email marketing campaigns, mailing lists, and automatic responses.

Cellnext ’s platform is enabled with:

  • Email Marketing Solutions (Web App)
  • Transactional Email Solutions (API)
  • Email Marketing Solutions (Web App)
    Cellnext email marketing solutions empower marketers to drive the highest value from their email marketing programs. Our wide range of solutions combine Cellnext ’s industry-leading platform with the strategic and deliverability expertise to drive conversions, increase brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Transactional Email Solutions (API)
    Cellnext ’s transactional email solution enables you to take control of branding, content and promotional elements of event-triggered email. Tight integration with backend systems allows Cellnext to efficiently assemble and immediately deliver fully branded and personalized messages that properly reflect the customer relationship.

Key Benefits

  • Robust email technology with dynamic message assembly capabilities
  • Back-end integration with e-commerce, customer service and CRM system
  • Integrated reporting on deliverability
  • Visibility into response data (opens, clicks, etc.)
  • Bounce management capabilities