USSD Applications & Gateway

Cellnext wishes to provide Interactive and Menu driven services to its clients through its State of the Art USSD based solutions:

  • USSD Flash Promotions
  • USSD Menu Development
  • USSD Portal Management

Cellnext USSD platform is a scalable and highly flexible USSD solution designed to take care of growing Telco needs especially in Developing Countries.

The solution features the following modules/administration options:

  • Content Management
  • Application Management
  • Reports
  • Customer Care Interface
  • Customer Self Care
  • System & Service Parameters & Configuration

A layered architecture gives the Cellnext USSD platform the stability it needs to cater to millions of busy hour call attempts (BHCAs). Powerful web-based administration functions enable carriers to manage their own USSD bases applications.

The layered architecture further offers seamless scalability and each layer can be deployed in separate servers when scaling up the capacity for higher TPS support. Each layer is also redundant offering fault-tolerance and real-time switchover on failure ensuring high availability of the solution.