WAP Portal Management

Cellnext 's WAP Content Management and Service Delivery Platform will enable you to efficiently manage your WAP Portal through the following modules:


  • Manage/Create Logins
  • Manage/Create Content Types
  • Manage/Create Category
  • Manage/Create Handsets
  • Manage/Copyright Labels
  • Manage Telcos
  • Manage Circles
  • Manage Price Points / Fall Back billing
  • Delete Content
  • Manage Operator Header/Footers

Content Uploading

  • Single / Bulk content upload.
  • All item types are supported.
  • Content search option is available.
  • Only 3 major sizes are uploaded.

Content Publisher

  • Multiple template options are available.
  • These templates help to make so many different types of WAP portals.
  • Any number of banners and icons can be placed on the WAP page.
  • We can make a same portal look different for different circles (Like different banners/icons in different circles).
  • We can change/hide/unhide the banners and shift the banners up/down with simple clicks.
  • All 3 types of portals can be made (ala-carte, Value packs and subscription).
  • We can put different header/footer texts on different pages.
  • This same CMS can be used for MMS and Text-on-WAP services also.
  • CPs can create their own portals as well.
  • Marquee feature is also present.
  • We can use same portals for different operators. Header/Footer images are itself changed for different operators.


  • Mobile User Report, Click Report, Download summary and MSISDN Search are available.